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Comic Added ‘Ing’ To Famous Movie Titles, And It Changed Everything.

It seems that a new movie comes out just about every week. Some are pretty good and become instant classics and some not so much. Then you have some that with a simple addition to their title could become completely different films. In some cases, this actually might make for a better movie than the original did.

By simply adding “ing” to the end of a movie title you can come up with a world of difference. For instance, when Jurassic Park becomes Jurrasic Parking you have a can’t miss box office smash hit. "Against all odds, a T-Rex starts a valet service despite his inability to reach the steering wheel." Now who wouldn’t go see that movie? There is nothing like a great feel good story and nothing can get that across more than a T-Rex becoming successful at valet parking, you know, since he can’t reach the steering wheel. It would be a global sell out and lines would be stretched around the block waiting to get in. It could be both a comedy and a drama all wrapped up into one classic film!

Today, you will learn about a fun time killer and you’ll also be forced to think about these new titles for movies you already know about. See if you can think of some on your own!

Was The Karate Kid - now The Karate Kidding.

Would you have gone to see it? "A wise martial arts teacher sabotages a young boy's training with light hearted jokes." It may not have done so well at the box office.

Was Schindler's List - now Schindler's Listing.

Now this one might be a good flick. "His condo is for sale, but he has only one day to sell it! This will be the open house of the century!" You can see the comedy or drama already that could come in this movie!

Was Kindergarten Cop - now Kindergarten Coping.

This one could be a reality show. With a poster like this one and a catch phrase like "It is a tumour" this would be a can't miss.

Was Dude, Where's my car? - now Dude, Where's my Caring?

This one would be a great movie and the poster is perfect. "A tale about this generation's apathetic response to just about everything." It could star every teenager in the world.

Was Ice Age - now Ice Ageing.

If you saw the first part you won't want to miss the sequel! "The sequel to the sleeper hit, Paint Drying." This is a can't miss box office hit!

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