By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Two VERY Close Friends Sneak Into A Theater, How They Do It… Hilarious.

In high school, there were always two or three classmates who were able to sneak into the movies for free. For most of us, we were either too scared to do it or just not interested in trying, but thought it would be cool to be rebellious.

YouTube user Bo Johnson tried different ways to get himself and his friend Matthew to pull a fast one at the ticket booth and enjoy a two-for-one price. Their secret weapon were extra-large clothing that the two men could fit in together.

Different methods were tried with Bo carrying Matthew wrapped around his back and belly. This hilarious video had to be made by two very close friends who were willing to put themselves in an uncomfortable situation just to watch the film The Avengers. We just want to know who paid for the popcorn?

Sources: Reddit, Bo Johnson