By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Here’s How They Deliver Movies To Theaters… And It’s Surprisingly Hardcore.

You get to the movie theater, grab your massive bucket of popcorn, and head to your seat. When the previews are over and the movie begins to play, you're totally in the zone, ready for two solid hours of cinematic entertainment. But instead of thinking about the process of going to see a movie, did you ever stop to think about how the movie got to you?

One Redditor decided to shed some light on how movies actually arrive at the movie theater, and it's not as simple as you might thing. Movies are distributed via the utmost security and with some pretty formidable technology. See how it all works below.

This is a Peli 1300 flight case, which most hard drives containing the DCP (Digital Cinema Package) are shipped in. As you can see, the case is extraordinarily tough and secure.

The top has the details of what's contained, such as the movie title, length, aspect ration, and contact details for the film. The more information there is on the case, the less chance there will be for error during screening.

Inside there is a standard Western hard drive, and something called the Movie Dock that it rests inside.

Depending on the theater's set-up, the caddy (right) may slot straight into their server. Sometimes, they have to use an external dock to connect the film to the player.

The kit also contains the necessary cables and adapters for the player to work.

Then, the movie should pop up on the theater's system like any other file on your own computer.

Source: Reddit