Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Meet The Rescue Dog Who Looks Like Nothing Else You’ve Ever Seen.

If you thought your dog was cute, then prepare to have your mind blown because Mrs. Flans is in the running for the world's cutest pup. She's in it to win you heart, and she'll definitely do just that with her oversized pink nose, pointy ears and flapping tongue. She's a ham for the camera, but can be stubborn as hell, especially when it comes to sharing. It's not that she minds hanging with her owner or with other foster pets. Just don't disturb her beauty sleep or dare to defy her or you'll be sorry.

Mrs. Flans is quite a character. No wonder she's wearing sunglasses like a movie star.

Wonder where she gets her cuteness from? It's probably from her mixed heritage. She's a cross between a Dachshund and a Chihuahua, which technically makes her a chiweenie.

She's quite a character too, and not just because she loves sporting bumble bee outfits either.

She's highly demanding! When she barks, her mommy, aka personal assistant, Linda Alvarez is at her beck and call. She better be too because Mrs. Flans is an uber diva.

It's hard to believe that anyone could turn away this cute pup with her adorable bubble gum nose.

But someone actually did. No, seriously! Fortunately, when her former owner couldn't take care of her, Alvarez was more than willing to take her in. Wouldn't anyone be? Had she gazed upon any other human, and she would've been adopted at the blink of an eye.

With a new owner, came a completely new identity, but her personality remained adorable.

Mrs. Flans wasn't always Mrs. Flans. She used to be called Mimi, but Alvarez decided to give her a brand new name that suits her too. New life, new name, new pup.

It's a good thing Alvarez was available too or Mrs. Flans life might have been radically different.

The old owner had called Alvarez and told her that if she didn't pick the artist formerly known as Mimi up soon, she'd put her out on the mean streets of Los Angeles.

Alvarez, who volunteered as a private rescuer, didn't mind adopting Mrs. Flans.

When the owner walked out with her, Alvarez was smitten by the doggy wrapped in an old towel. She quickly became her biggest fan, which is ironic because Mrs. Flans loves big fans on her during the summer.

Mrs. Flans is one classy dog and she clearly has fine taste in jewelry too.

She's like the Maggie Smith of dogs with her pearl necklace, but one of her most unusual features are her big pointy ears. When Alvarez first saw them sticking out from her former owner's towel, she thought she'd just adopted a bat.

Well Mrs. Flans is certainly no bat or a Vulcan, but she does have one adorable nose.

She's got the cutest pink nose you've ever seen, and according to Alvarez, it doesn't seem to fit with the rest of her facial features. But that's what you get when you inherit a Ms. Piggy nose from the Chihuahua side of the family.

If Mrs. Flans and Mick Jagger were to compete for the longest tongue, he'd probably lose.

Mrs. Flans can actually thank the Dachie side of her genes for that big old tongue hanging out of her mouth. It's cute and distracting at the same time, regardless of whatever ensemble she's wearing.

Mrs. Flans outward appearance might seem cute to y'all but it's actually the result of backyard breeding.

In other words, he parents were brother and sister, and as you might imagine, it caused all sorts of genetic abnormalities. She was actually fortunate. Her brother didn't survive long after being born.

Sometimes it's all about looking good and hiding behind the real issues.

Mrs. Flans didn't escape the inbreeding fiasco either. She's not only deaf, but blind in one eye. She also has Dog Shaker Syndrome, which causes seizures from time to time.

Her previous owner wasn't as sympathetic to her condition the way Alvarez is.

She thought Mrs. Flans seizures were amusing and she'd laugh. Fortunately Alvarez took things more seriously and monitors her carefully, even when Mrs. Flans is goofing off or entertaining Alvarez's other foster pets.

Despite starting out with heavy complications, Mrs. Flans is having the time of her life, and she's not the only one.

Mrs. Flans absolutely loves dressing up for one of Alvarez's cutesie photo shoots. She could be America's Next Top Dog Model.

Source: The Dodo