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Doctors Hid This Baby So Nobody Could See THIS Face. 22 Years Later, She Shows It Off

Tina and Rog Thomas became the foster parents of Mui when she was only one and half year old. Abandoned at birth, the orphanage told the ex-pats living in Hong Kong the baby was not going to live for very long. The baby girl was born with Harlequin ichthyosis, a rare condition that makes her skin thick, flaky, and very dry.

Nonetheless, by the time Mui was three, she was adopted by the proud parents. Mui has endured years of stares and bullying for looking different. But with the love and support from her parents, and her strong spirit Mui has thrived.

A mother's love.

Although given a grim prognosis, Tina wanted to take Mui home with her and her husband. "We wanted to give her a family life in the time she had," says Tina.

A mother's love.

Taking care of her.

Mui has to take two baths a day for about two hours each time. She must also carry three to four bottles of cream daily to keep her skin from drying out.

Taking care of her.

Happy childhood.

The Thomas gave their daughter a happy childhood. She did not realize she looked different from other kids.

Happy childhood.

Middle school.

When Mui entered middle school she faced a lot of cyber bullying. This made her want to end her life.

Feeling alone.

"Because I had no idea who was doing it and my tormentors were hiding behind a screen, I felt like I couldn’t trust anyone. To an extent, not even my own parents," says Mui.

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