By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

The Magic In These Bedrooms Is Only Revealed When The Lights Go Out.

Sometimes a little help is needed to make a bedroom cozy. Hungarian artist Bogi Fabian is the perfect person for the job. Fabian designs whole rooms with cool celestial, volcanic, oceanic and imaginary worlds that come alive at night using UV paint.

Based in Vienna, Austria, Fabian uses three methods for her wall painting: the first is a conventional scenery seen during the day, a glowing mural with UV light and phosphorescent paints that appear only in complete darkness.

The designs are abstract and fantastically creative as Fabian has allowed her imagination to soar. The artistry is not exclusive to painting murals, the multifaceted guru is also successful in body painting and glowing ceramics.

Currently, she is working on a collection of ceramic products inspired by sacred geometry. Follow the out-of-this-world creative mind on Facebook and her website.