By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This ’80 Year-Old’ Trolled The Weightlifters At Muscle Beach, And It’s Hilarious.

Perceptions are meant to be broken. As much as we try to think that we live without judgment or notion of other people, the reality is very different. This doesn't mean one is bad, it just means we need to keep an open mind when we meet someone knew.

Take for example, big muscular guys who love to spend time in the gym lifting weights to achieve the perfect body. We may assume these body builders don’t let anyone in their inner circle who does not look like them.

Kenneth “Kenny” Leverich, a former Junior Olympic weightlifter and SoCal Crossfit competitor decided to prank body builders at the popular gym on the beach in Venice, California.

Leverich spent four hours getting prosthetics and makeup applied to look a lot older and incapable of lifting along much fitter and younger guys. Let’s just say these super fit men and the crowd got the biggest shock of their lives.

Watch this über athlete prank body builders.

Source: Thrillist