By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Graffiti Artists Got Inside This Museum, But It’s Not What You Think.

Urban artists get a bad rap. Yes, there are some vandals who tag public places but there are significant numbers who are commissioned to create stunning masterpieces for all to enjoy. The Long Beach Museum of Art is taking advantage of graffiti’s growing popularity. The venue has allowed contemporary artists to transform its walls with their own interpretation in an exhibition titled, Vitality and Verse: Transforming the Urban Landscape.

The studio gave all artists two weeks to complete their murals. Executive Director Ron Nelson said the goal of the museum is to “spotlight artists who are stepping out of their studios to paint on a grand scale using outdoor walls as their canvas as well as urban artists who are beginning to work in a traditional studio setting.”

The exhibition will run through September 27, 2015. At the end, the walls will be repainted white, making space for the next exposition.

Artwork by Audrey Kawasaki

Artwork by Cryptik

Artwork by Alex Yanes

Artwork by James Bullough

Artwork by Aaron Horkey

Artwork by Jeff Soto

Artwork by Brendan Monroe

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