Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Mushroom Lamps That Transform Your Room Into A Living Fairytale.

A lot of wiring is involved before these mushroom lamps are set and done.

He also has to skillfully hide the LED lights and the wiring inside the mushroom made of dyed resin clay and inside the driftwood base.

The magic lies in their ability to charm people lucky enough to own one of these.

Takano skillfully drew inspiration from Mother Nature and added a mythical, almost ethereal element to his design.

You could say that Takano's Great Mushrooming project is a work of fine art.

How else do you explain how a seemingly odd shape like that of a mushroom can become something so appealing?

The project isn't just nature inspired. It's eco-friendly too.

It's energy-efficient LED lights can be turned on and off by a plastic switch on the side which ups the retro feel of this cool lamp.

Classifying this desk or night table light under "cool" would be an understatement.

And if you're allergic to real mushrooms, you'll finally get to enjoy this simulated wonder without ever worrying about an Epipen.

Source: Inhabitat

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