By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

9 Psychedelic Posters That Only People From The 1970’s Will Understand.

Looking at Ryan Kerrigan's music posters make you feel like you've taken a trip back to the 60's and 70's. The artist has been creating musical art for bands and festivals around the country since he was in college.

His inspiration came while growing up in New Hampshire at flea markets, pouring thru the art in album covers. After graduating in 1994 with a degree in printmaking, he began to do his own tour thru Pennsylvania, Washington, Wyoming, Delaware and Colorado to name a few, lending his craft working with various musical venues.

His creations consist of intense, rich colors with abstract images that take the viewer on a musical journey. Kerrigan admits that he listens to the music of the band he is creating the posters for as inspiration. He lets the music guide him to draw the illustrations. He works exclusively on hemp paper.

If you want to join Kerrigan on an artistic tour, you can follow him on his website and Facebook.

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