By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Devout Muslim Is Making A VERY Public Gesture… Watch How People React.

When you hear the word "Muslim," what do you think of? Much of the media we consume is peppered with unfortunate Muslim-focused stereotyping, words and phrases that indicate that all Muslims act a certain way, or have particular types of biases and personalities. The power of these stereotypes is incredibly dangerous: It's these notions that have led to anti-Muslim discrimination, Islamophobia, and even hate crimes.

Muslim students from Toronto wanted to make a video that confronted these issues: The way they did it is incredibly moving. The video is not only a celebration of a random act of kindness, but also puts a spotlight on just how many open-minded, fair, and just people there are in the world. The entire sequence is heartwarming to watch - especially the valiant efforts made by the guy at the very end.

As he stood on the street, flanked by a sign that said "I Trust You, Do You Trust Me? Give Me a Hug" a large number of Toronto residents answered his call, their hugs sending a very powerful message: It's time to stop proliferating harsh and unfair stereotypes, and spread love instead.

Source: AsoOmii Jay