Krista Miranda

By Krista Miranda

LifeBuzz Staff

Did You Know That Some Horses Can Grow Mustaches?

It’s in our human nature to want to pamper ourselves sometimes. Some of us like to treat ourselves to a relaxing massage. Some people like to go get their nails done with their girlfriends. Others like to buy themselves some new books and curl up with a glass of wine. You may find this surprising, but humans aren’t the only ones that like a little pampering in their lives. Animals enjoy this self-love time, too! The owners of these horses took grooming to the next level. Check out their new looks and get a few giggles in while you’re at it!

This classy guy thinks his impressive mustache is going to get him some extra carrots.

It looks like he has a sea anemone growing on his face, rather than a mustache. Hopefully, he made a complaint with the manager at the salon.

And the winner of the longest horse mustache goes to...Fred! We hear he's taking his award on the road and heading to Graceland!

This guys looks like he's quickest gunslinger in the west.

He looks like he's a dignified hippie. All he needs is a drum, and a monocle, and his look would be complete.

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