By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Sad, Sweet Video Captures The Painful Beauty Of A Mother’s Love.

Charles Frank recently realized something he'd never known before: All throughout his childhood, his family (particularly his mother) recorded home movies. Charles had no recollection of the videos being taken, until one day, his mom asked for help transferring the footage onto a more modern method of storage.

"Wait," Charles recalled saying. "What home videos?"

That discovery ultimately led to his viewing of about 20 hours of footage from different stages in his life -- and made him realize that his relationship with his mom wasn't what it used to be. In a video project meant to pay homage to her (and mothers everywhere), Charles used unheard voicemails from his mother to narrate the footage from his past. The result is a tear-jerking love letter to the women who raised us, and will resonate with those who perhaps aren't as communicative with their moms as they should be.

See Charles' video, entitled "My Baby You'll Be, " below.

Source: Voyager