It’s The Most Moving Parenting Advert Ever, But The Twist At 2:13 Is Genius!

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Last Sunday, we celebrated Father's Day, an opportunity for all of us to thank the dads, step-dads, father figures, and male role models in our lives. Without them, many of us wouldn't know where to turn when times get tough -- and even if you don't have the best relationship with your pops all the time, odds are, your father or father figure has looked out for you and had your back at one point or another.

This commercial tells a story that many of us are familiar with: A young person has a dream, and at first, his dad doesn't support that dream. At first, dad offers things to the son that he doesn't fully understand, but the point is that he sticks by his side the entire time. Once you realize what dad is really doing, it will bring a tear to your eye. Check out the heartwarming ad below.

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