She Wrote A Letter To Heaven About Her Dead Father…She Didn’t Expect To Get A Reply.

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On January 6th, Ashlynn Marracino sent her father a birthday wish by writing a letter to him on a mylar balloon; something she has done for the last five years. She released the balloon with the hope that it would reach him in heaven. The sixteen-year-old girl's father passed away in 2010 from a brain aneurysm.

The letter asked him to send a sign. It appears her dad got the message after all as she received a very special response. The star-shaped balloon was launched in Whittier, California and landed about 450 miles away in a town called Auburn. It was found nearby a restaurant, Local Heroes. Restaurant owner Lisa Swisley read the teenager’s letter and felt compelled to do something.

Swisley found Ashlynn on Facebook and after speaking to the teen for some time, started a care package in the hopes that it will bring Ashlynn some closure.

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