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25 Creepy Photos That Will Make You Believe In The Paranormal.

There are some phenomenons that defy logic. Things and events cannot always be explained with concrete reasoning. Not everything makes sense, leading some people to believe in the paranormal.

Whether it’s UFO’s, ghosts or simply time travellers, there are plenty of stories to give us reason to doubt everything we have been taught. With the proof of photos and videos, a lot of stories stop being urban legend and turn into mysteries that need to be explained. Take a look at 25 chilling images needing a lot of explanation. #11 is going to give me nightmares.

#1. Solway Firth Spaceman.

In 1964, a man took a photo of a girl standing by herself. When the film was developed this astronaut appeared out of nowhere.

Solway Firth Spaceman.

#2. The Babushka Lady.

A mystery woman is caught taking photos of President John F. Kennedy after he was shot in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. Neither her nor her photos were ever found.

The Babushka Lady.

#3. The Madonna.

“The Madonna with Saint Giovannino” is a 15th century painting by Domenico Ghirlandaio. Near the top right of the painting, a strange looking flying saucer appears while a man and his dog seem to be looking at it.

The Madonna.

#4. Phoenix lights.

People saw strange light formations on March 1997 in Phoenix, Arizona. Triangular and stationary lights were reported. It is still unknown what caused this phenomenon seen by thousands of residents.

Phoenix lights.

#5. Freddy Jackson picture.

An air mechanic named Freddy Jackson was killed by a plane propeller in 1919. His squadron had their group photo taken two days later but when the film was developed, Jackson appeared with his team. The image was coincidentally taken on the day of the man's funeral.

Freddy Jackson picture.

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