By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Mystery Couple In This Viral Photo Were Eventually Found… But It Wasn’t Easy.

Sam Yeldham knew he had captured beautiful photographs of a bride and groom overlooking Bradley’s Head in Sydney, Australia. The only problem was that the couple were not his clients. Yeldham was at the harbor to shoot a time-lapse of a coming storm. It began to rain but when the sky began to clear and the sun came out, Yeldham joined Olivia Corbett, the newlyweds official photographer, for breathtaking photos.

Yeldham was too shy to go up to the couple but decided to upload one photo to his Instagram account. Three days after posting and 3,500 likes later, he finally knew the identity of his models.

Yeldham was at the pier for a time-lapse shoot of the weather when this mysterious bride and groom showed up. "Just as the couple edged across the platform that jutted into the harbor the sky began to clear and the sun burst out from behind the thick cloud."

The newlyweds turned out to be Jessica and Chris Galvin. The two were vacationing in Hawaii when family and friends were trying to contact them to tell them they were Instagram famous.

Yeldham hopes that all the attention he's getting from the photos is not taking away from Olivia Corbett, the Galvin's official wedding photographer. Corbett captured stunning photos at the pier as well.

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