Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

Unfortunate Name Tags To Make You Laugh Like A Naughty Schoolboy.

First impressions are everything. It can determine how a person views you forever and it's not something that you can take back. Unfortunately, certain people don't have the opportunity of having a good impression on others.

People who have unfortunate name tags, for example, are sometimes doomed for a terrible first impression. From Giant Johnson to Ana L. to Mahboobeh, we've got the worst name tags you could imagine. Whether it's a typography mistake or an improper shortening of a name, these name tags are hilarious to read.

#1. What's the Dyl here?

And does he have any relation to Tommy Pickle?

What's the Dyl here?

#2. With a name like that, I hope he's packing heat.

Hopefully no one else in his family has a first name that starts with A.

#3. Asian names can be so interesting.

They'll come out sounding like something they're not supposed to sound like.

Asian names can be so interesting.

#4. When your career is destined from birth.

Someone with a name like that should work in Vegas.

#5. Something's not "write" here.

Now the real question is, is that really how her name is spelled or is it a typo?

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