By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Nap Desks Are An Actual Thing, Now Your Boss Can Keep You At Work ALL Day.

Despite being an adult, my eyes and mind begin to shut down from about noon until 2pm. Sometimes going outside for fresh-air helps and a second or third cup of coffee might do the trick. But I know what I really need is an hour-long nap. It seems more adults are in need of a quickie siesta to get them through the day.

A Greek design company called NL Studio has re-designed the work desk. The office furniture is made of wood, metal, and soft, supple white leather. The desk has the option to add walls for those that need to be completely turned off from the world.

The only question remaining is whether you sleep with or without a stuffy.

From first glance this office furniture looks like any other.

When working late or needing to meet deadlines, the desk turns into a bed to take a siesta.

These people caught napping on the job need a nap desk ASAP.

Source: Refinery 29