Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

There’s A Gym That Offers Napping Classes For Tired Adults.

Sleep has always been a vital part of a human's routine. In order to be healthy and have a good immune system, a person needs to get an adequate amount of sleep each day. A lack of it will only lead to troubling consequences.

Unfortunately, it's somehow become more socially acceptable in today's generation to leave less time in the day for sleep. Perhaps the people in the modern 21st century are busier therefore having less time to sleep. Whatever the case is, it doesn't change the fact that we need it.

And for this reason, "Nap-Ercise" classes have become real. It is what it sounds like: napping as an exercise.

With a lack of sleep, comes many other undesired consequences. When people are deprived of their sacred sleep, they might start experiencing stress, constant tiredness, lack of energy and so on.

For this reason, a gym in the UK came up with a unique and new idea: napping classes.

Yes, you read correctly. In these napping classes, participants will engage in a stretching exercise for 15 minutes before taking a 45 minute nap in an "ideal temperature."

And yes, the participants are basically sleeping in a room full of strangers.

They call it "Nap-Ercise." In the class, they will “reinvigorate the mind, improve moods, and even burn the odd calorie."

All that they claim they will do is too abstract for it to be false. Nonetheless, there might be some science involved after all.

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