By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

14 Hard Hitting Entries From The 2015 National Geographic Photo Contest.

Recently, National Geographic asked photographers of all skill levels to enter their 2015 photography contest, and the entries so far are absolutely stunning.

The contest will remain open until November 16, accepting images for three topics: nature, people, and places. The grand prize winner will be featured in the magazine, as well as take home a cool $10,000. One of the images below could be the lucky one -- in fact, all of them are spectacular enough to take home the prize.

Here, humans are the minority…

Lightning at horseshoe

Entering the Void

The Blue Universe

Evening streeeetch.

Kids playing on the minaret

The Reckoning Days XI


Mystical light in magical Machu Picchu

The Secrets of Cady Creek

Early Snow, Thor's Hammer

Sacred destination

Transcending into the mirror

Sources: Twisted Sifter, National Geographic