By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

18 Breathtaking Images From The 2015 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.

Have you ever taken a photographic on vacation and thought to yourself "Wow, that should really be in a magazine?" Maybe you fancy yourself a photographer, or maybe you just get lucky every once in awhile - either way, National Geographic has the contest for you.

The renowned travel magazine has been holding the National Geographic UK Traveler Contest for photography for the last 26 years. Each year, National Geographic gives readers a chance to submit their travel photos for an opportunity to win amazing prizes. Last year alone, the contest had over 18,000 entries!

The judges typically look for images that are quirky and surprising, with special attention paid to action and timing. All of the photos below definitely hit the mark, which is why they have all been shortlisted. A winner will be chosen on February 14th, and from this batch, it'll definitely be difficult to choose. #8 is just incredible.

An exhilarating train journey in the Sri Lankan midlands. Hanging outside the train was tiring but even more so rewarding - there was definitely no better spot for taking pictures.

Lion cubs mucking about in the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania.

Boy jumping into the sea in Morocco. Watched these children playing in the sea near Rabat. They would hurl themselves from the rocks into the fairly turbulent sea.

Gentoo Penguins, Falkland Islands.

Looking at Me Looking at You. Lion cubs are both playful and curious.Here they are investigating a ground camera.It was only when the small cub appeared between the larger ones the image felt complete.

While adults sleep, young southern elephant seals on South Georgia hone their fighting skills for later life by play sparring.

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