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By Camila Villafañe

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Family Of 6 Are Living A Cozy Life In The Arctic, Thanks To This Clever Glass Dome.

It's not easy surviving inside the Arctic Circle. The weather outside is frightfully cold and definitely not delightful. In fact, your chances of survival in such harsh conditions are slim if you spend too much time there without shelter. But one Norwegian family decided to beat the odds and accept the challenge of living in the Arctic and they're not exactly roughing it either. Benjamin Hjertefølger and his wife Ingrid built a three-story cob house wrapped in a solar geodesic dome and it's the most self-sustaining property you'd ever want to live in ever.

The Hjertefølger decided that the best place to build their cob house was on the island of Sandhornøya in northern Norway.

It was designed in such a way that it would allow the loving family of six to live out their lives in sheer comfort, despite the horrible climatic conditions outside.

The house is so ultra-green that it's any environmentalist's dream come true.

The family also has a means of growing their own food inside, which is ideal given that there aren't any Walmarts nearby.

This self-sustaining dwelling was ideal for the family and their four children.

In fact, it kind of reminds us a bit of a Hobbit house inside a futuristic glass dome.

The view outside is spectacular, particularly the night sky.

Fortunately, the single glazed geodesic dome helps protect the family from the harsh elements, including the freezing temperature and cool winds.

It took the help of the family's friends and neighbors to move to this 3-story cob, super-sized Christmas tree ornament.

It's pretty much like every other home in the neighborhood. It's got the children's bikes tossed outside in the snow and everything. But there's something different when you walk in the house that other houses don't have, according to the Hjertefølgers.

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