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By Camila Villafañe

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Family Of 6 Are Living A Cozy Life In The Arctic, Thanks To This Clever Glass Dome.

The home was designed to last, which is something the family hopes it will continue to do for years to come.

Benjamin pointed out that cob wood can potentially last "forever if you keep it dry". Fortunately, the home is covered by a glass dome, which shields it from the harmful effects of the weather.

The best part of the home is that it's not a high maintenance structure, at least not when it comes to the wall.

Ingrid said that maintaining the wall's cob structure is relatively hassle free and there's really no need to paint it either, which is a plus.

The Hjertefølgers pretty much designed their Nature House to meet virtually all of their needs.

But there is room for improvement. The family has stated that if they were to build a new Nature House, they'd add double glass to the greenhouse so that the garden would be tropical and not drip in the winter. Other than that, they've got everything they need from tranquility to happiness and self-sufficiency in every corner of the house.

Source: Inhabitat

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