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29 Photos That Prove Life On Earth Is Stranger (And More Amazing) Than You Ever Imagined.

Ah, nature. The spoils of the outdoors are vast and varied, replete with an endless arrangement of complexities and subtle nuances. Nature-lovers have all spent time contemplating anthills, appreciated a brisk swim in a salty, buoyant ocean, or geeking out over a magnificently bright-colored mushroom growing out of the mud.

If you don't have time to travel to exotic natural locations, or even get outside and take a walk, you're going to love these pictures. Each one of them, in its own way, proves that Mother Nature is a selfless producer of all things amazing and unique. #18 will make you question every rock you've ever seen.

#1. Starfish Eating an Anchovy

Starfish like a little umami in their diets, too.

#2. Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree

This is the only naturally-occuring eucalyptus species in the northern hemisphere. The bark sheds at different times to expose a bright green inner bark, which then fades to other hues.

#3. Valais Black-Nose Sheep

This monochrome sheep is native to Switzerland, and is raised for both it's wool and meat.

#4. Pygmy Marmoset

Native to the Amazon, the pygmy marmoset is the smallest monkey in the world.

#5. Romanesco Broccoli

Also simply known as Romanesco, this edible flower bud is native to Italy but can be found all over the world.

#6. Cannonball Tree

Couroupita guianensis, known by several common names, including cannonball tree, is the tree that houses the delicious Brazil nut.

#7. Coconut Crab

The coconut crab is the largest species of hermit crab in the world.

Coconut Crab

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