By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

They Used 80,000 Bees To Create Unique Art, But The Process Is Terrifying.

The honeycomb is one of the most perplexingly perfect things found in nature. It's amazing that bees can create something so structurally sound, efficient, and adaptable. Now, artists have found a way to utilize the honeycomb to create something even more astounding.

It was all part of Dewar's whiskey 3-B Printing Project and the promotion of their new honey-flavored whiskey. To market the liquor, Dewar's had artists create honeycomb sculptures of their bottle, as well as Dewar's infamous "drinking man." They used 80,000 bees to create these amazing pieces of nature-made art, and the finished product is unreal.

The molds were filled with an impressive amount of bees -- 80,000, approximately.

Here's how one website explained the process: "To create the sculptures, the team had to invert the bees’ instinct to build inward by creating a 3-D model template for the bees to build on and off of. To ‘encourage’ the bees, the team wrapped the 3-D model with a base of honeycomb wax and ‘lightly’ textured hexagonal pattern. The clear outer casing helped mimic the enclosed space of a normal hive."

In other words, the environment created for the bees was similar to the one they'd create for themselves in nature -- just built inwards instead of out.

The man managing the project -- and making sure the bees were safe and happy -- was master beekeeper Robin Theron.

Here is a final image of the bottle-shaped honeycomb.

And the end result of the Dewar's "drinking man" bust.

It's a brilliant marketing campaign, and the concept in action is simply bee-autiful.

Check out these macro shots of bees.

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