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Ellen Brought A Navy Officer Home To His Unsuspecting Girlfriend, But That Wasn't Her Only Epic Surprise!

The men and women that serve our country make the ultimate sacrifice. This includes spending a ton of time away from friends and family, which can be difficult for everyone involved.

One Navy officer was reunited with his girlfriend on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, but Ellen had a few more tricks up her sleeve. This story is all about true love — no matter the distance!

Military Members Dedicate Their Lives To Serving

The United States military is filled with brave, honorable men and women looking to go the extra mile for their country. With twelve branches of the armed services and over one million military members, the U.S. military is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Our country's military strength is evident, but there is a lot that these men and women have to endure to ensure our safety — and this can be extremely traumatizing.

Active Duty Can Become Extremely Hectic

Military members on active duty do not take any breaks. They are on the clock all day, every day — until they are done serving in the military. Although active-duty members are always on call, they do have a set time they can spend with their loved ones or just to do simple things they enjoy.

Those who are active combat do not have these everyday luxuries, and the next slide proves they can go without seeing their loved ones for almost unbearable amounts of time.

Deployment Is Especially Tough On Families

Many military members have to be away from their home and loved ones — sometimes for years at a time. Out of the total 1.3 million active-duty service members in 2016, around 15% were deployed somewhere overseas.

This equates to around 193,442 individuals who had to pack up and ship out, while their loved ones awaited the day they would arrive home.These reunions are always an extremely emotional event — the next photo will tug at your heartstrings.

Military Homecomings Are Always Super Sweet

No emotions can describe waiting for your loved one to come home from deployment. Whether it be after a few months or an entire year — a military service member coming home safe and sound is a major celebratory event for everyone.

Some come home to a loving spouse and others get to meet their bundles of joy for the first time — you never quite know what you are going to come home to. Even more emotional? When military homecomings are a complete surprise.

Surprise Reunions Are Insanely Heartwarming

From sports events to weddings, surprise military homecomings have become a heartfelt Internet sensation. There have been countless military homecomings that have gone viral online in the past couple of years, and some talk shows have even gotten involved with these touching family reunions.

One extremely popular talk show host has recently brought a Navy Officer and his long-term girlfriend back together, and this host has a long history of making magic happen on-screen.

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