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Ellen Brought A Navy Officer Home To His Unsuspecting Girlfriend, But That Wasn't Her Only Epic Surprise!

Ellen Has Become The Smiling Face Of Daytime Television

Ellen Has Become The Smiling Face Of Daytime Television

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The Ellen DeGeneres Show has been delighting audiences since 2003, and this show wouldn't have reached massive success if it wasn't for the vibrant host. Ellen's witty humor and quick wit delight the audience and various celebrity and everyday guests she invites to the show.

Even more astounding is her ability to give back to the community, in the most heartwarming ways. Ellen definitely has a heart of gold — and she isn't afraid to show it.

Ellen Provides A Platform To Those Who Need It Most

Although Ellen has welcomed famous names such as Michelle Obama and Taylor Swift to her stage, this talk show host is also known to invite everyday people who are making a difference. Ellen is a frontrunner of the LGBT community, and she always gives a voice to those who would otherwise be silenced.

Ellen is always open to a shocking surprise when it comes to her guests, and some of her most memorable moments would warm even the most coldhearted individual.

This Television Host Transforms Lives

Ellen DeGeneres is extremely down-to-earth, and her charitable nature shines through on her show. She has presented needy families and hardworking teachers with thousands of dollars on stage — and she always does it straight from her heart.

One of her most recent guests didn't see her surprise coming from a mile away. You won't believe how this woman's appearance on the show plays out — this young woman got completely ambushed.

One Woman Was In Complete Shock

Maura Gonsalves — a 25-year-old woman living in San Diego, California — recently got to attend a taping of Ellen. Although this may not seem like a huge deal, Gonsalves is a superfan of the talk show, so she was more than ecstatic to be sitting in the audience.

Little did she know, she would not just be another face in the crowd. Nothing could prepare her for this spectacle, and she was about to be put on the spot.

Gonsalves's Boyfriend Planned A Remarkable Surprise

Gonsalves has been dating a Navy officer named Noah Copeland, and the two relocated to San Diego from Massachusetts, in July of 2016. Five months after settling in San Diego, Copeland was deployed and sent to the military island of Diego Garcia.

Copeland has been deployed almost a year when he decided to reach out to Ellen, and the results were beyond successful. Ellen was more than happy to bring his dream to life — and that of his girlfriend.

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