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Ellen Brought A Navy Officer Home To His Unsuspecting Girlfriend, But That Wasn't Her Only Epic Surprise!

Copeland Wrote To The Show

This Navy Officer decided to do something sweet for his girlfriend while he was away. Copeland wrote the television host a letter in celebration of her upcoming 60th birthday, with a special request in mind. Ellen began to read the letter, and Gonsalves started to get emotional in the audience.

His words were so heartfelt and sincere — they had Gonsalves in tears as soon as she realized her Navy boyfriend was responsible for the touching letter.

Gonsalves Couldn't Contain Herself

Copeland explained that Gonsalves is Ellen's biggest fan, and she even FaceTimes Copeland when she is watching the show so he won't miss out. The Navy Officer also suggested that Gonsalves being present at her birthday show would mean the entire world.

"I know nothing would make her happier than getting to celebrate your birthday with you at your show. Thanks for keeping my girl company while I'm away," Copeland wrote to Ellen. The end of the letter explained some sad news, and Gonsalves was quick to relay her disappointment.

The Navy Officer's Return Had Been Postponed

Copeland's letter also revealed that he had been scheduled to return to San Diego in late January, but his return kept getting delayed. The recent government shutdown also slowed down the process.

Once finished with reading Copeland's letter, Ellen invited an emotional yet ecstatic Gonsalves onstage. The 25-year-old was quick to reveal her boyfriend's deployment was sudden and unexpected, making it all the more difficult. These two literally had no time to say goodbye.

They Were Informed Only Days Before His Departure

"He went into work on a Friday and then he came home from work that Friday and they were like, 'You're going on Sunday' so he had two days to pack up his whole life and just leave for a year. He's been gone for over a year right now," Gonsalves stated.

Despite her sadness over Copeland's sudden absence, Gonsalves quickly told Ellen how meaningful her show is in her life. This young woman couldn't wait to compliment her favorite talk show star.

This Superfan Was In Complete Shock

"I can't even believe this is happening right now," Gonsalves giggled as she sat onstage. Ellen was obviously flattered and touched by Gonsalves's story, and she had a huge surprise in store.

Ellen revealed that she wanted to give Gonsalves tickets to her birthday show, but when she asked for the tickets to be brought onstage the audience simply exploded. This is a present Gonsalves will never be able to forget — and her love for Ellen just grew tenfold!

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