By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Famous Sports Stars Are The ‘Butt’ Of A Genius Idea To Stop People From Littering.

Though bottles and cans might be more noticeable when they're lying on the ground, there's another kind of trash that pollutes city streets that might be even worse: Cigarette butts.

Sure, they're small, but a bunch of them can really add up - especially in crowded urban areas. London-based environmental charity Hubbub wanted to figure out a way to remove the cigarette trash from London's busiest street, Villiers in Westminster.

What they come up with will appeal to environmentalists and soccer fans alike.

In a soccer obsessed country, it makes sense to get people to cast their vote - and throw out their butts - like this.

People can just pop their cigarettes in here, instead of throwing them on the ground.

So, who do Londoners think is the superior player?

It's settled: Cristiano Ronaldo is a better soccer player than Lionel Messi.

That is, of course, if you believe the results created by a pile of cigarette butts. As part of the new "Neat Streets" initiative, smokers can cast their vote and keep their streets clean. Pretty brilliant, isn't it?

Look what Hong Kong is doing to litterbugs.

Source: Standard