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No One Knew What This Strange Neglected Creature Would Turn Into.

Facebook / Paul Russell

When Paul Russell was checking in on an elderly relative, he never thought he’d be walking into a scene out of the movies. In fact, Paul said what he encountered was straight from the movie Alien. And an "alien" would be the best way to describe it, because he had never seen anything else like it. But when Paul later found out what it really was, and how it got that way, he thought the doctors had lost their minds.

Facebook / Susan Juffe

At 82 years-old, Paul Russell's Alzheimer’s-stricken distant relative had just begrudgingly moved out of his Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania home. The man, who “doesn’t know anybody anymore,” had been living on his own until his illness made it impossible for him to take care of himself. To better keep an eye on him, his family moved him to a nursing home that was closer to their place. While this was clearly the best thing for the man, little did his family know, moving him out would set off a chain of events too weird to imagine.

Facebook / Paul Russell

Controversially, the nursing home did not permit any animals on the premises. Sadly that meant Siam, the man's beloved 17-year-old Siamese cat, had to be left behind. This is where Paul jumped at the opportunity to help. Paul and his wife, self-described animal lovers, already had a few cats. So what's one more? Well, as Paul was soon to find out, Siam wasn't the only "animal" being left behind.

Coldwell Banker

Animals make incredible companions for the elderly. In fact, most doctors agree that pet ownership in your golden years comes with a ton of benefits like stress reduction and lower blood pressure. However, as they age, the elderly tend to have a much harder time taking care of themselves, let alone their pets. Dogs stop going out and can become aggressive. Cats become obese. And when Alzheimer’s is thrown into the mix?

Facebook / Susan Juffe

Due to the man living on the fringes of Pittsburgh, he had been living alone in a gradually deteriorating state for quite some time. Without proper assistance, poor Siam's health went from bad to worse. So when Paul decided to check in on Siam, he had expected to find a bit of chaos – as anyone would. But never in a million years would he have ever expected to walk into this.

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