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No One Knew What This Strange Neglected Creature Would Turn Into.

When Paul Russell was checking in on an elderly relative, he never thought he’d be walking into a scene out of the movies. In fact, Paul said what he encountered was straight from the movie Alien. And an alien is exactly what it looked like. When Paul later found out what it was, he was taken completely by surprise.

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Paul’s relative was 82-years-old and had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. He had been living on his own, but had grown too ill to live by himself, so his family moved him into a nursing home that was closer to them. Although it was a good move for him, he couldn’t bring his beloved 17-year-old Siamese cat, Siam, with him. Paul would be shocked to find out that Siam wasn’t the only animal being left behind.

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Animals make incredible companions for the elderly, up to a certain point. As they age, the elderly tend to have a harder time taking care of themselves. Unfortunately, this is the same for the animals that are in their care. When you throw Alzheimer’s into the equation, things can become drastically worse. When Paul went to check on Siam, he figured things would be a bit hectic, but what he walked into was in no way what he expected.

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When Paul arrived at the house, he realized he was the first person to set foot in there for quite some time. “The house was still open," he said, "so I went down and left some food for the cat until we figured out what we're going to do." But when Paul entered the house, it was as if he wandered onto the set of “Hoarders." He began looking for Siam, but all he could hear were some “cat-like” growls from the other room.

After a bit of searching, Paul found Siam hiding out in the bathroom tub. Paul had no idea when Siam last had a decent meal, but he could tell the furry companion was extremely hungry. Paul began thinking about what he was going to do with Siam, when he started hearing the same cat-growl sound that he had heard before. But this time, Siam was with him in the bathroom, so who could possibly be making the noise he was hearing?

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Now, most of us would just run the other way, but not Paul. Paul let his curiosity get the best of him. "I started searching around, and suddenly this huge creature darts out from under the bed and runs down to the cellar, and I thought, ‘What was that?'” At that point, Paul ran straight out of the house. He wasn’t waiting around to find out what that creature was. Eventually, he got his bravery back, and went to investigate.

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