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By Krista Miranda

LifeBuzz Staff

No One Knew What This Strange Neglected Creature Would Turn Into.


When Paul opened the door, it became immediately clear that he was the first person to set foot in there for quite some time. Upon entering the house, Paul was stunned by a disaster scene straight out of "Hoarders." Nothing was where it should have been and little scratch marks could be found all over the place. What's worse, Siam was nowhere to be found. What happened here?

Carrie M. Becker

“The house was still open," he said, "so I went down and left some food for the cat until we figured out what we're going to do." But strangely, Siam didn't come running when he filled his bowl. After calling his name for several minutes, Paul's heart sunk. He began sifting through the messy house, praying to find Siam alive. And while it was practically impossible to actually see the cat, he did hear some low “cat-like” growls coming from the other room.

After rummaging through clusters of boxes, he ended up finding Siam camped out in the bathroom tub. The little guy was ravenously hungry. Who knows when Siam last had a decent meal. Paul began thinking about what he was going to do with Siam, he heard something that made his blood run cold.

Facebook / Paul Russell

That same low scratchy growl could be heard echoing from the cellar across the hall. But if the cat was in here with him, then what was out there making that sound? As an animal-lover, Paul had a sixth-sense for animals in danger. He knew it was probably just a scared raccoon that made its way into the abandoned house. That would explain why Siam was hunkered down in the tub, right? So after a deep breath, he descended down into the cellar.

Laurie Buchanan

While most of us would probably just take Siam and run, thankfully Paul's cat-like curiously got the best of him. "I started searching around, and suddenly this huge creature darts out from under the bed and runs down to the cellar, and I thought, ‘What was that?'” Unwilling to find out, Paul darted straight out of the house. He'd need to muster every ounce of courage he had before going back in for a closer look.

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