By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Heroic Teen Saved 55 Orphans From Disaster… But Now He Needs Your Help.

When the devastating earthquake happened in Nepal, 19-year-old Ishwor Ghimire could have rushed himself to safety. However, instead of just looking out for his own personal wellbeing, Ghimire decided to think of others before he thought of himself.

What happened next was nothing short of a miracle.

In the midst of the quake, Ghimire was able to rescue the 55 orphans at the orphanage where he grew up. As the children cried and screamed, Ghimire kept his cool and directed them outside away from the building, which ran the risk of collapsing. Due to his amazing efforts, all of these children are safe and sound. Unfortunately, the aftermath of the quake is really only the beginning of this group's challenges. Check out the video below to find out what Ghimire would like to happen next.

If you would like to help rebuild the Nepal Orphanage and School, please visit this GoFundMe page.

Source: PigMine 2