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By Huong Ngo

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25 Gift Ideas For The Nerds In Your Life… #17 Is Worth Geeking Out Over.

The term “nerd” or “geek” is so general today; I like to believe everyone has a little nerd in them. Of course, the classic nerds were always the know-it-alls and were into “geeky” things but the reality is society has changed so much that being a geek today is normal.

For example, being into space and science fiction is considered nerdy but do you have any idea how many die-hard Star Wars fans exist and how fast the pre-sale tickets for the new Star Wars movie releasing this year sold out? Or how about medieval times and fantasy, also something considered extremely nerdy but do you know how many people anxiously wait for a new episode of Game of Thrones every spring?

With that said, we’ve collected a few gift ideas below for the typical “nerd” below but I think you’ll find a lot of these gifts something you’d get for a lot of people or even yourself.

#1. A stackable Tetris LED desk lamp for the puzzle solvers.

#2. The perfect hoodie to wear to the premiere of the new Star Wars movie this December.

#3. Catch up on your memorization of the periodic table while you're showering.

#4. RPG scented oils so you can smell like fantasy.

#5. An Avengers "Iron Man" MAGTITAN NEO LEGEND Power Band, only true Avengers fans know the significance of this band.

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