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Mom Turns Closet Into A Secret Room For Her Daughter.

With the new closet opening in place, Laura placed the antique wardrobe in front of it.

Sylvia would gain access to her secret place through the wardrobe. Laura was actually quite excited about the concept, even though she knew that the secret room wouldn't exactly last forever. But for the moment, it would serve its purpose in giving Sylvia her personal space.

Laura and her husband suspected that the secret space would be useful for another three years at most.

Once Sylvia gets older and outgrows her personal space, Laura suspects she'll have to tear down the wall in order to make her daughter's room a little bigger. But for now, Sylvia will have her private room and it is awesome.

Sylvia definitely uses the space for what it was originally intended, which is to store her clothes.

However, the space has become livable as the teen watches TV shows on her iPad and talks with her BFF. It truly is a dream come true for any teenager and Sylvia is enjoying every single moment that she gets to spend inside there.

While the renovation might seem extreme, Laura claims that the construction was within budget.

Since Laura and her husband knew that the personal space would eventually get repurposed as a closet, they didn't go overboard on the budget, especially since they needed to make sure it would be easy to disassemble once Sylvia got older.

The project was intended to ensure that their daughter Sylvia could enjoy the little things in life.

Since Sylvia enjoys magic, fantasy, mystery and other things like Sherlock Holmes, Merlin, and Harry Potter, she'll definitely get good use of her closet within a closet. A secret space that's just for her is a delight for any teenager.

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