By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Dad Brings Home A New Puppy. The Cat’s Hilarious Reaction Says It All… LOL.

It's no secret that cats and dogs often have a hard time getting along. This is especially true if a new dog is introduced to the family dynamic, thus encroaching upon the cat's self-appointed title of Ruler of Everything. Some cats react to new pets by hiding and sulking in closets, peeing on the floor, or becoming suddenly hostile to their owners.

This cat does none of these things, but he does make his feelings known.

When Cato the cat saw a new dog approaching his door, he knew exactly what was about to go down. Though we can't know exactly what's on his mind, let's just say that this video is the cat equivalent of a human being dropping to his knees and screaming, "NOOOOOO!"

Sorry about your luck, Cato.

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Source: Kerry Gillette