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Little Girl Decides To Give Herself A Terrible Haircut… And Films The Whole Thing.

Most of us gave ourselves an ill-advised haircut or two when we were kids: As soon as mom looked away and we saw those scissors on the table, it was game time. We've also seen a few viral videos of this exact phenomenon, a concerned parent filming the aftermath of a child's DIY haircut, stifling laughter while trying to scold them for their seriously shoddy snips.

What makes this particular viral video so special, though, is the fact that no parent or caretaker has discovered this little girl's secret yet. You can hear the adults chatting in the background, sure, but over the course of this short video, no one actually realizes what this tiny hairdresser has done. It's hilarious to watch -- and that smile on her face at the end is absolutely brilliant. Sorry, mom.

Is this how you started, EmmaLee Wolf ?

Posted by Debbie Arnold on Friday, January 15, 2016

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Source: Debbie Arnold