Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Someone Renamed Designer's Latest Collection With Comical New Names.

It seems like Clemson has taken it upon herself to totally take down Zara.

Her fashion advice will likely make women think twice before buying certain clothing items, like these pants, which she clearly doesn't approve of.

She's no fan of plaid either, at least not in this printed dress.

It' might be unique and edgy, but Clemson has obviously shaken her head no when it comes to this otherwise kooky styling, but we wonder what Zara thinks of her comments.

Admittedly, some styles are absolutely cringeworthy, like this piece.

But most customers would have never even considered thinking of it as some poor animal who met an untimely end on the side of the road. But who could get that imagery out of their heads now?

Clemson is clearly making Zara lose the plot with these odd clothing.

But while we're all laughing, Clemson is clearly horrified by some of the styles that she obviously doesn't find very fashionable, despite the wide array of assortments.

Maybe the reason we love Clemson even more is the fact that she's a Whovian.

Who else would have considered comparing those drops on that pair of slippers to the tough metallic shelled exterior of the Doctor's most terrifying villains?

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