By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

21 Gift Ideas For The Geeks In Your Life…. #7 Is Nerdtastic.

Do you have a friend that spends all their time on social media, prides themselves on their coding skills, or idolizes the Silicon Valley unicorns? If so, look no further than this list of awesome gadgets, because any of these items will make the perfect gift for the tech nerd in your life.

Below are 21 awesome gadgets meant for those who love all things tech - and some of them will even please us regular folks, too. Take a look at these amazing items and start putting together your tech-hungry Christmas list. #15 will appeal to the little bit of nerd in all of us.

#1. A new take on a Rubik's cube.

#2. A waffle iron in the shape of a keyboard.

#3. iPhone app magnets for your fridge.

#4. A rubber band gun that fires five rubber bands consecutively.

#5. Toilet paper you can do Sudoku on - a perfect way to pass the time.

#6. This awesome USB drive and multi-tool.

#7. Lightsaber chopsticks so that the Pad Thai force will always be with you.

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