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He Traveled Around New Zealand In A Camper Van… This Is What He Saw.

Over a year ago, a Belgian named Johan Lolos left his home country to travel the world. He has been on the road ever since.

Perhaps the highlight of his trip so far was his three-month excursion to New Zealand in October. Sleeping in an inexpensive camper van, Lolos traveled around the New Zealand countryside, slept under the stars, and took some absolutely breathtaking photos - all while adhering to a strict budget.

Check out his photos below - not only will you have travel envy, but you'll learn a thing or two about New Zealand's amazing landscapes!

Abel Tasman National Park

This national park is known for it's picturesque beaches and waters, which makes it perfect for water sports like kayaking.

Mackenzie Country, Canterbury

Lols took this shot with his trusty camper van in the frame. This part of New Zealand is gorgeous, and extremely popular with tourists in the summer months.

Lolos got up close and personal with the environment and the landscape - a great asset for any photographer.

Arthur's Pass

Arthur's Pass is a township located in the Southern Alps on the South Island, and it has some of the most breathtaking views in the world. Some nights, Lolos slept in a tent instead of the van.

In Arthur's pass, Lolos spent most of his time walking around and observing the gorgeous scenery, including this amazing field of sheep, which is New Zealand's national animal.

This Kea, the world's only alpine parrot, was also photographed in Arthur's Pass.

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