The Funniest News Bloopers Of 2015… And They Happened On Live TV.

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NewsBeFunny recently compiled an excellent reel of news bloopers from 2015. We stutter in everyday conversations with friends, so we aren't really ones to judge the errors of TV journalists, reporters, and correspondents. These are seasoned professionals who know how to speak with confidence and conviction. They deliver us the latest news, stories, and weather reports - many at odd hours - while maintaining excellent postures, clear voices, and clean appearances.

With that said, the reel is hilarious. In few cases, you will find that some of these professionals should probably do a bit more research, but for the most part, most of them show an incredible sense of humor. And for that, I respect them even more.

Watch the video here. In it, you will find a handful of dirty-mouthed anchors, what one man really thinks about the Kardashians, and my favorite, the Hamburglar:

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