By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Bullies Made Fun Of His Shoes… Watch His Friend's Incredible Response.

During one particularly harrowing day at school, a little boy was being relentlessly teased for his shoes. Being bullied for what you do or do not wear is especially tortuous, and the little boy probably felt awful about it.

One classmate felt awful about it, too.

The next day, that classmate decided to do something nice for the bullied boy, bringing him a brand new pair of Nike LeBrons.

"Here you go," the classmate said. "I gave you a pair of shoes. Since you felt bad yesterday about how everyone was making fun of your shoes, there you go."

The hug that comes next -- and the thought of such a random act of kindness -- will bring a tear to your eyes.

OK that was a grown up move... Kids was getting bullied and ragged on about his shoes.... so another student bought him some Lebron's the next day...󾭻󾭻󾭻󾭻󾭻󾭻󾭻

Posted by Miguel Marquize Howell on Sunday, November 15, 2015

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