Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

25 Creative Costumes That Won Halloween.

Grandpa was totally embracing the Force and the hair buns last Halloween as Princess Leia.

Sadly, Carrie Fisher is no longer with us, but Princess Leia has plenty of life left in... him? But not everything is quite what it seems, like that Hoover-Vac posing as R2D2. This guy's awesome.

Some costumes can totally make you the center of attention at school for all the wrong reasons.

We love that the girl doesn't seem to be a hoot about what others think, even though her costume has totally made one of her classmates cry in terror. Come on, girl! Wave those arms or do something spooky.

When you pick a costume this year, make sure it's one where you're on fire!

There's nothing spooky about those legs, or that living room, but wait! Doesn't that fireplace look weird to you? Uh, maybe cause there's someone dressed up as fire! Now that's a hot costume!

This guy decided to dress up as a black cat for Halloween cause they're a witch's favorite familiar.

He may have long, elegant fingers, and big eyes, but check out the face of the real cat he's stroking. It's like it's looking at a feline version of Freddy Krueger. Plus, the claws are so freaking terrifying.

Sometimes you have to pull out all the stops or in this case, just your face and have a real face off.

This guy 3D printed his own face, so that it would look like he took his real face off. Okay, so maybe he could have shaved the beard for the complete look, but it's still looks nice and creepy.

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