Watch This Tearful CEO Surprise His Employees With The World’s BEST Perk.

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Chieh Huang really loves his employees. The CEO and co-founder of Boxed, a bulk delivery company, heard about one of his employee’s, Marcel Grahamgoing through a rough time. Huang decided to “do the right thing and change this man's life.”

Graham has been working non-stop trying to save money for his wedding. His mom is very ill, consequently, putting money aside for the wedding while taking care of medical bills was becoming an overwhelming task for the 26-year-old. This is when Huang decided to give them a special wedding gift.

Huang is known for going above and beyond for the people working in the company; he is paying tuition costs for his employees' kids out his own salary. The company also offers unlimited maternity and paternity leave for new parents. When Huang announced to the New Jersey personnel what he was doing for Graham, it had everyone in tears.

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