By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

She Was Cruelly Body Shamed In A Coffee Shop. Her Response… Priceless.

We like to think that bullying is specific to a certain age group - adults simply don't bully each other, right? Well, this unfortunate story proves otherwise. What the victim does, though, will reestablish your faith in humanity.

Diane Hoffmeyer was in line at a Tim Horton's, purchasing a coffee for herself and donuts for her child. Two middle aged women behind her began to throw insults her way, barbs so cruel that it's kind of hard to believe. They made fun of her hair and her weight - an especially low blow considering that Hoffmeyer had recently lost 170 pounds.

Hoffmeyer had never seen her attackers before, but what she decided to do to respond to themis nothing short of amazing. See the video below to find out more about this incredible story. Diane Hoffmeyer is truly an inspiration.

This man was cruelly body shamed but the Internet delivered perfect justice.

Source: DailyNewsFeed