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Outrageous Graffiti You’ll Only See In Canada… What’s Wrong With These Guys.

Here in America it's hard not to pass a large public wall or go under a bridge of any kind without seeing some kind of graffiti. It's something that you come to expect if you live in a major metropolitan area. Now don't get me wrong, it happens in smaller communities as well but the larger populated areas have a lot more due to the higher number of residents.

Most of what we see here in the United States is vulgar or just plain stupid. People put their names or tags or symbols or just whatever they are feeling at the moment. Most of what they are feeling at the time of the vandalism is some type of rebellious state and it shows in what they leave behind.

Canada is a different type of country. We make fun of them a lot because of their traits and overall friendly nature. They don't like to get involved in many conflicts and they just try to keep to themselves. You can't fault them for that at all. But if you take a look at the graffiti that is around the country you have to laugh at them once again. Even the criminals are nice people. Take a look at some of the graffiti around Canada and I promise that you'll laugh at least once.

#1. You are loved!

Anyone that is feeling down or depressed in Canada should take a walk past this wall for reassurance.

You are loved!

BuzzFeed / Erin Chack

#2. So make sure you love back!

Good advice from someone that was clearly in a good mood. How can you not be in a good mood in friendly Canada?

#3. An apology?

The Apologetic Tagger. That's not something you'll see everyday in America. But if they were sorry then why did they do it in the first place?

An apology?

#4. The lonely tagger

A lot of taggers go out by themselves. It's easier to not get caught when you act alone. Whoever did this one was definitely thinking about bringing on a partner.

#5. Seriously?

All of the jokes that are made about Canadians being very friendly only gather further ammunition with this piece of graffiti. Not that it's bad, it's just different.

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