By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

It’s The Coolest Starbucks On Earth, How They Used The 2000 Poles Is Genius.

When Starbucks was set to open a new store in Japan, the company knew the coffee shop had to be extra special. Located within walking distance from Dazaifu Tenmangu, a Shinto shrine in Fukuoka, the area receives millions of visitors every year. The coffee company hired esteemed architect Kengo Kuma to work his magic.

The store has over 2,000 wooden sticks measuring from four to 13 feet in length, weaving and encapsulating the walls and ceiling. Kuma’s goal was to “create a feeling of fluidity, a thoughtful cave-like space.”

The new store has managed to look both contemporary and traditional in this historic and ancient part of Japan.

Although Starbucks has an in-house design team, they hired Kengo Kuma to create a unique design for such a special place.

Kuma's inspiration came from Fukuoka. "A curiosity about the culture, the materials, and the people. That becomes the basis of any good design,” says the architect.

The authentic design will leave an impression for tourists and locals stopping by for a hot drink.

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Source: Starbucks