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Intensive Care Babies In Tiny Halloween Costumes To Remind You Life Is Precious.

Parents whose newborns are in the neonatal intensive care unit spend weeks and months watching their babies grow stronger. Moms and dads look forward to the day when their babies will no longer be attached to tubes and machines.

Spending countless days in the NICU doesn’t take away the fact that the world keeps moving and things like special holidays pass by without the opportunity to celebrate like a family. This prompted the goodhearted nurses and March of Dimes volunteers at St. Luke Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, to make this Halloween more fun for the babies and their families.

Michelle Manuel, the hospital’s spokeswoman said the “families in our NICU may spend weeks or months here, and it can be an emotional time.” The babies may not go trick or treating this year but that does not mean they didn’t get a chance to be superheroes or a butterfly.

Nurses and volunteers had their hands full cutting, crocheting, and sewing tiny Halloween costumes.

They made a total of 35 costumes for the babies.

"Providing an opportunity for them to celebrate Halloween with their little ones allows them a sense of normalcy, and to celebrate their baby's first milestones, which is what every family wants to do," Manuel explains.

Three photographers volunteered their services since they too had NICU babies and know the feeling all too well.

Photographer Emmalee Schaumburg was in that position two-and-a-half-years ago with her daughter.

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