By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

The Tiniest Premature Babies Have No Clothes, So This Mom Had An Idea…

"You get to pick out the style you like and material that defines you and your family. Whether it's cute little butterflies or big trucks and airplanes, you as the parent get to pick out your little one's outfit. Just like you were supposed to be able to do in the first place. This is for you," explains Huhta.

They are made as small as a dollar bill.

Huhta does not charge for the outfit, they are donated to new parents in Arizona.

There are volunteers in every state and countries like Brazil, Ireland, and Australia, are following suit.

Huhta wants parents of NICU babies to also enjoy the experience of dressing their newborns.

You can make donations at Twenty-Five and Four to help with materials, packaging, and shipping.

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