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Guy Wins Halloween With Fully Functioning Camera Costume.

I'm still trying to figure out what to make of Halloween 2016. It seems like the excitement for this spooky holiday is dwindling more and more each year. There were no residential haunted houses on my street, there are usually one or two, and there were few trick-or-treaters.

It wasn't all bad though. It was refreshing to see more creative costumes than revealing ones (especially important when the kids are still up) and it was also a pleasure, as it always is, to see families in matching attire. Pets, too!

Speaking of creative costumes, my favorite was a group of Maddie Zieglers — four men in blonde and black wigs and nude bodysuits — but that was before I found out about Bryan Troll's costume.

The photographer spent forty hours creating a fully functional Nikon camera. Among a sea of Wonder Women and Harley Quinns, don't get us wrong we love them, he definitely stood out.

What a way to make Halloween great again!

This Florida-based photographer was a Nikon camera for Halloween.

Bryan Troll told DIY photography that he spent about 40 hours and $100 on the project. This doesn't include the few thousand dollars of camera equipment he used in conjunction with it.

The body was made of cardboard, tape, rubber cement, plexiglass, and spray paint.

Here's a look at some of the equipment he placed inside so that it would operate like a working camera.

Another progress shot before the spray pain. It's coming along well!

The details are neatly done. He's even got the delete button!

Nikon is one of the most reputable brands among photographers. Did you know that it produced the world's first autofocus underwater SLR camera?

Troll fit the plexiglass on the backside, making an oversized LCD screen.

Voilà! The finished product looks amazing. Troll told DIY Photography that he found the idea online and decided to take up the challenge.

"I tried to balance having it be as proportional as possible so it looked good, but I also needed to make sure it fit me, and fit all the gear inside as well so it was an interesting challenge of measure, cut, trim, and tape, tape, tape each component," he revealed.

Ready to see the Nikon camera in action? Watch the video below.

Of course he had to put the costume to use at a Halloween party. Scroll to see how some of the photos turned out.

Our favorite murderous clowns strike a pose for the camera.

Oh, no! Is that a killer clown in the background? Well, the dog doesn't look scared so we're good, right? Fantastic work, Bryan!

Source: BoredPanda